Dulce de Invierno 2021.
Late harvest

500 ml bottle. Dulce de Invierno is a sweet and unique wine, the result of a mixture of Verdejo and Gorda de Moldavia (Muscat) grapes. Its sweetness and its amber tones are the result of three complex production phases: the freezing of the grapes, the natural drying in a dark leftover and the late harvest. After this arduous gestation, it rests for eight months in French oak barrels.


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It shows a beautiful vivid gold color and on the nose it reflects an incredible variety of aromas of dried apricots, figs, and orange peel. In the mouth it is definitely sweet, with a broad and silky body that covers the palate with sweetness and an elegant and balanced acidity, with a subtle hint of wood. Served at a temperature of about 8 degrees, it is magnificent to accompany blue cheeses, soft pasta and foie. It is also recommended to consume it after meals, accompanying desserts with nuts or chocolate. This wine has no vintage, as it is a mixture of elaborations from different years.

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