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Welcome to Javier Sanz Viticultor


Our philosophy is based on the conservation of pre-phylloxera vineyards, local grape varieties, and the recovery of varieties that have almost become extinct.

Our wine culture. Five generations of winegrowers who for more than 150 years have continued the tradition.


Painstaking work is done in the vineyards to ensure the best quality grapes, and, faithful to Javier Sanz Viticultor’s philosophy; to intervene as little as possible in the winemaking process.


Javier Sanz Viticultor owns 104 hectares of vineyards. This allows the growth and development of each and every vine to be closely monitored

Our treasure

These vineyards are home to viticultural treasures such as the pre-phylloxera vineyard of El Pago de Saltamontes.

What makes us different

Wines by Javier Sanz Viticultor embody a philosophy; a vision.
Faithful to their origins, they bear the touch of the growe

We believe in the land. We engage in sustainable winemaking and carry the Rueda Denomination of Origin.

The vines grow well due to three elements: the soil (gravelly pebbles); the continental climate (with a large diurnal temperature range and low humidity), and the Verdejo grape variety (with great personality, making it perfect for winemaking).

A viticultural process that values quality over quantity thanks to the exhaustive monitoring of the health and vigour of the vineyards.

Javier Sanz’s vineyards are laid out in a mosaic of plots, farms and small vineyards, all within the Valladolid municipality of La Seca.

Their freshness, complexity and balance are the result of the personality of a territory, a cellar and a tradition.

We are the fourth generation of winemakers who have carried on the tradition for over 150 years.

Rueda Denomination of Origin.


The Rueda Denomination of Origin, assigned in 1980, was the first in Castile and Léon. It encompasses ancient wineries where the star is the Verdejo grape which has brought it fame and prestige. The municipality with the most Rueda Denomination of Origin vineyards is La Seca, with 24% of the hectares, and this is where the Javier Sanz Viticultor winery is located.

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Wine Tourism


Travel back in time with us to discover the oldest vineyards in the D.O. Rueda, which were registered in 1863 and owned by Javier Sanz Viticultor. In addition, you will know how the winemaking process was 100 years ago, in our wine press, with the tools and machinery of the early twentieth century. The visit ends with the tasting of two Javier Sanz wines accompanied by a selection of ‘tapas’ from our region.

Duration of the visit: 1 h – 1h 30 min

Price: 15 € / person.

Schedule: Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm – Weekend subject to availability.
Necessary to book in advance at least 1 day prior to the visit

Bookings: By telephone +34 983 816 669 or by email

Our Team

Get to know the people behind the winery.

Javier Sanz Cantalapiedra


Santiago de Íscar


Alejandro del Pozo


Leticia Sanz


Pedro Rincón


Maribel Alonso


Berta Durán


Manuel Triculescu


Raquel Ayerbe


Ángel Hernández


Isaac Rivera


Alba Calleja


Elisa Beltrán


Just 40 kilometers from Valladolid and 150
kilometers from Madrid, Javier Sanz Viticultor, in La
Dry, offers versatile spaces available for
rent to both companies and individuals.
We offer indoor and outdoor spaces,
natural, like vineyards.

Get in touch with us

Our winery is located in

Carretera CL-610, km. 29, 47491 La Seca, Valladolid (Spain).

Call us by phone at (+34) 983 81 66 69
or write to us at

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