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In the heart of the D.O. Rueda is our family-owned winery in La Seca, where the best terroirs are for Verdejo native grape. We believe that a wine should express its terroir. Its identify must reflect the particular soil in wich is produced.


About Us

The winery was founded beginnings of the 20th by Sanz's greatgrandfather. Javier Sanz's family has four generations of wine growers. Agustin Nanclares, his great granfather, started this tradition.




Our  wines have being renowned for their high quality standards with several awards at some of the world’s most prestigious contests, its characteristics make them incomparable among other wines in their class.

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Javier Sanz

Our Wines

Collection V
● Javier Sanz Viticultor
Rey Santo


Main Office:

C/ San Judas, 2

47491 - La Seca - Valladolid

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Teléfono: +34 983 81 66 69

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