Colección V

Colección V represents the essence of Javier Sanz - a story from the past and innovation. Through this work, he has recovered four wines that have been created following a long process of research and intuition. Four surprising varieties that come from excellent, mysterious and unique vines.

A traditional winemaking process that combines the highest quality grape and experimentation to obtain an outstanding result. This is the perfect opportunity to discover the creator's love for wine via his intuition.

V Malcorta

A unique Verdejo

Malcorta was an almost extinct variety of the Verdejo grape until it was rescued following years of research by Javier Sanz, who has now created a unique wine. The difficulty involved with harvesting it, hence the name "malcorta" (hard to cut), had condemned it to oblivion, but this is no longer the case.


VMalcorta surprises with its floral and citrus nuances. This is a wine with a pleasant natural acidity with a good length in the mouth.

The perfect merge between the creator's personality and his work

V Dulce de Invierno

A late harvest wine

VDulce de Invierno is a unique sweet wine, the result of blending Verdejo and Muscat grapes. The sweetness and amber colour come from the three steps of a complex winemaking process.


Grape freezing, natural drying in a dark place and late harvesting. Following this lengthy process, the wine is aged for four months in French oak barrels.

The special way of understanding Javier Sanz's viticulture is via his wines


Verdejo sour lees

In 1863 the family registered the 2.27 hectare vineyard of El Pago de Saltamontes that had survived the phylloxera outbreak.”V1863 is aged for nine months on its lees.


Today they produce this elegant, unique, historic wine using grapes that are carefully harvested and selected from vines that are over 150 years old.

Meticulous work is done in the vineyards as well as during the wine making process to recover unique and excellent wines

V Colorado

Tinta única

An unusual grapevine stump – with unique and unknown genes – that Javier Sanz has recovered, and which today grows only in his vineyards, can be found among the old Verdejo vines of El Pago de Saltamontes, one of the family’s vineyards since 1863. From it comes this unique red wine with a long finish, whose personality on the nose is surprising.


This variety gives us a unique red wine with a long finish, the personality of which is surprising on the nose.

True viticultural treasures. A passionate search to find the perfect blend.